Financial Management and Oversight

Financial Management & Oversight

AAI safeguards revenues, ensuring accurate reporting and protection of the assets of the organization and works to ensure the financial integrity of the association. This includes a preliminary review of financial practices and investment strategies, recommendations for the development of sound fiscal policies and opening and maintaining lines of communication with our investment counselor to ensure the maximization of investments.

We know how critical it is to manage your financial resources. We place a premium on ensuring that tight financial controls are in place, your investment dollars are maximized within prudent boundaries and financial reporting is accurate. Stringent financial controls protect our clients’ assets at every step.

  • AAI maintains financial records in a computerized format in QuickBooks from which financial reports can be easily generated on an agreed upon time frame
  • All revenues, whether received in-house or via on-line are processed, recorded, and deposited into the client’s accounts within five business days from receipt, or as practical
  • Chapter expense invoices are reviewed and coded for processing by AAI’s Financial Officer
  • Financial reports and consolidated balance statements are prepared monthly, or upon request, and forwarded to the Treasurer electronically
  • AAI arranges for an annual audit and/or the 990 filing with a qualified public accounting firm and provide all material as necessary upon request
  • AAI adheres to the strict, internal controls policies which meets or exceed the AMCi accreditation standards.