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“I want to commend you for the incredible job you and your staff do as the association manager for NSFRE. I am not sure how you all do it, but whenever I call, it feels like I am your one and only client (which I know is far from the truth) and that your entire staff is simply there to take care of my little question. I find that incredible! I am sure your staff makes each of your clients feel special, and let me tell you that I love it and envy you for being able to achieve that goal. I am very impressed at how everyone seems to be cross-trained, so that whomever I speak to can help me. Having worked to train staff myself, it amazes me to see the caliber of people you are able to attract at AAI.

It is not easy to keep that many people happy all the time, especially when they are all leaders in their respective organizations. Believe me, it is an honor to consider hiring AAI as my legacy to the Chapter. Thanks for all you and your staff do and I hope we continue to work together for many years to come.”

PHILIP SALERNO IIIChildren's Specialized Hospital and Past President, AFP/NJ The New Jersey Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals